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6 Super Simple Organizing Pro-Tips! 


Helping New Yorkers reclaim their space

one apartment at a time...

Also in Northern Ireland!

How It Works:



We begin with a phone conversation. During this time we discuss your goals for the space, specific needs, and timeline. We also decide when you would like to schedule our worksession at your home. This generally takes less than a half hour. 

Get Organizing:

Starting with a little bubbly of course!


We go through the space item by item (yes, even the ones you've hidden) and assess what should be kept, donated, sold or just thrown out. 



And if necessary, purchase organizing accessories suited for your space, items, and budget. 

Final Steps:

This is the fun part! We put all of your items back in the space implementing the organizing accessories we've selected and...


Take your space from this: 

Drum Roll Please:

To This!


Pricing for Organizing Sessions

Please contact directly for Northern Ireland pricing

I have found that when I charge hourly, it feels more like a race against the clock then a cathartic, enjoyable process. Because of this, I do not charge hourly, but rather by session.


A session is a project that will take 3-4 hours to complete. 


One Session: $300.00


Three Session Package: $750.00 (savings of $150!


Returning Client Refresher Session*:  $200.00 



*We've already worked together on this space but it could use a little pick-me up :) 


Contact me  and let's start reclaiming your space!






"I would describe Abbe as a therapist for your closet: a non-judgmental third party who is literally just there to make things better."


Comedian/ Blogger

"I loved working with Abbe! She was so non-judgemental and easy going about the 'getting rid' process, that it made it quite easy to part with items I had been hanging on to a long time. It was just like, "Oh yeah, that thing. Buh-bye. No biggie." This was huge! If you need to purge and organize, she is your gal!"


Shrink Session CEO

"My partner Jon and I have been living together for over 4 years. We have completely opposite styles when it comes to home ownership and organization. I want Martha Stewart, he hopes we don’t live in squalor. Having Abbe come to coach him through cleaning our joint office was the best possible use of time and money I can think of! I had absolutely no part of it, and he was much better behaved and honest than he would have ever been if I had been spearheading the operation. I am sure it will now become a yearly exercise, and now Clutter is one thing off of our list as a couple that we disagree on, because we both agree on Abbe!"

Anna Lise


"My closets were a mess. Abbe came in and proceeded to organize them with amazing efficiency. She's like a very kind General Patton. There is now order in my life and I can see everything in my closets and finally have easy access to all of it! The best money I've ever spent. No joke. Thank- you!!!"



"It was very easy to have Abbe work with me. We accomplished in hours what would clearly have taken me days. I was able to remain focused and to realize the difference between things and my emotional attachment to them!"


School Nurse

"What was once a task that used to leave me frustrated became an amazing, cathartic, fun event where I could actively see my life becoming more manageable as the minutes went by."


Personal Trainer

"Abbe is an excellent organizer, was punctual, courteous and helpful with useful suggestions."


Day Trader

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