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6 Incredibly Simple Organizing Pro-Tips!

1. Hanger Flip

Turn all the hangers in your closet backwards. When you wear something, replace the hanger the right way. After six months to a year, get rid of all the clothing with hangers that are still backwards.

2. Make the Bed First!

When cleaning the bedroom always make the bed first! It gives you a place to work and you're WAY less likely to crawl into it and take a nap.


3. Baskets

When organizing and storing smaller items baskets are a great way to go! Particularly useful for grouping in places like the bathroom with toiletries or in the kitchen pantry.

Measure the space first so you know what size baskets to get. 

4. Bathroom Magnets

No more wasting time digging for tweezers. Glue a magnet strip inside your medicine cabinet as a quick storage place for your tweezers, bobby pins, or nail clippers.

5. Bedsheet Storage

Fold your bedsheets and put them inside a matching pillow case. This way sets stay together.


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BONUS Tip: Pac-Man Bites


When organizing, It can be overwhelming to even begin because there are so many different areas you want to attack. Pick ONE and get started. And by one I don’t mean “my bedroom” I mean “my bedside table”. Take a lesson from Pac-Man and choose small, manageable bites. You’ll be surprised how easy it is and once you start, you might just want to try another little bite ;)

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