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Claudia Reclaimed Her Closets!

Claudia and I had a great time reclaiming her TWO closets. She was a trooper! This is what one of the closets looked like previously.

Before (Claudia 2).png

Claudia has a lot of fabulous clothes but it was hard to find just what she was looking for because it was mixed in and buried with a lot of things she wasn’t using.

We went through every item in the closet and decided whether to keep it, donate it, or throw it out. This can be very challenging for some people but Claudia was wonderful about being truly honest with herself regarding what she used and what she no longer needed.

After two sessions her closets look like this:

After (Claudia 2).png

Closet 1 (seen above)

Claudia Closet 1 Aft.png

Closet 2

Closet 1 was mainly used for shoes, bags and coats. Claudia has a ton of kick ass shoes and I wanted to find a way for her to easily be able to see all of them. We bought two stackable shoe racks that fit perfectly along the right wall. We also put her most frequently worn pairs on the door for easy access.

In this closet there are two shelfs. On the top shelf we purchased two clear plastic bins to put her seasonal clothes in. On the lower shelf we used two plastic drawers and a basket (Claudia previously owned these). One drawer is used for sweaters, the other is for bathroom overflow. The basket contains all of her handbags.

We purchased a small fold up step stool. I ABSOLUTELY recommend this for anyone with tall closets. It takes up practically no space and makes those hard to reach places easily accessible.

Closet 2 is where most of her day-to-day clothes are kept. A lot of older apartment buildings have deep and oddly shaped closets. Claudia has both with Closet 2. We decided to hang a tension rod in the back of the closet so as not to waste the space. Less frequently worn clothes are placed back here.

The top shelf contains two stackable plastic bins for more seasonal clothes storage.

To the right, the closet contains four shelves. On the two lower shelves we placed collapsible storage cubes for difficult to fold items (ie socks, underwear, tights etc). On the two upper shelves we folded her T-shirts and jeans, subdividing the stacks with wire shelf dividers (they really help keep those piles vertical).

There is a shallow nook shelf on the left side of the closet. With this space I placed a plastic container turned on its side to make an extractable shelf for tank tops.

There were already several hooks on the back of the door which we used for belts and jewelry.

I had such a wonderful time working with Claudia! Now all she has to do is decide what fantastic thing to wear.

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