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Jill Reclaimed Her Closet!

Jill is a working actress in NYC. She has a great sense of style but like most people, she only wears about 20% of the clothes she owns and her other 80% had started to take over. She was overwhelmed by what her closet had become and didn’t know where to start!

Before Closet Collage.jpg

Together, Jill and I went through every item in her closet, deciding what to keep, donate, and throw out. With Jill, I added a fourth option: to sell. This is a great way to earn some money and make letting go easier, but it does take a little extra time. If you know you are not the kind of person who will make the trip to the consignment shop THAT WEEK then this option is not really in your best interest. (Jill went right after our session!)

After Closet.jpg
After Closet Collage.jpg

In the closet, we were able to reuse some containers Jill already owned. We used her plastic drawer for winter scarves, hats, and gloves, her green bin for extra purses and bags, and the top container for less often used items (extra sheets, extra dance shoes, etc).

We purchased a hamper for the closet (We had so much room! Why not?!) and an Over-the-Door Shoe Organizer. I prefer clear pockets so you can easily see what is inside. They don’t need to be limited to holding shoes either! We used some empty pockets to hold her straightener and curling iron (not pictured).

Dresser Collage.jpg

We were on such a roll that we reorganized her dresser too!

With her dresser, we purchased a tray to put all of her toiletries on, a flower pot (green) to hold her extra glasses, and ice cube trays to organize her jewelry. We also found that great mirror which allows her dresser top to double as a makeup station.

It was so fun working with Jill and she is a ruthless purger! By the end of our session she had 8 bags to donate, 3 bags of garbage, and 2 bags of clothing so sell (which made her a pretty penny at Buffalo Exchange!)

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