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What To Do With This STUFF!?

You have gone through your items and separated out what needs to be sold and donated. Now, where do you take it?

Here are some great tools to take that unwanted stuff off your hands!

Salvation Army

They will actually send a truck to your apartment to pickup your donation. Schedule your pickup HERE.

NOTE: Pickup is not available on Sunday or Monday.

Here are more places to take your donations to in NYC.

Consignment and Resale Shops

These are places to take higher end items to be resold. They will be sold on your behalf in the store and you will receive a percentage of the sale.

Find one near you HERE.


List the item and sell it yourself! Ebay talks you through this process step by step HERE.

Basically, take a picture of the item, write a short description, set a minimum price and your ready to sell.

Ebay Pickup Service

Ebay sound like too much work? Contact an Ebay Pickup Service. They will pick up items from your apartment, list it for you, ship to buyer, and send you a check. They generally charge about 25%-45% of the sale.

In NYC check out Auctions, Shipping, and Packing LLC

Note: Many sellers require item must be worth at least $50 at resale.

But wherever you take it, just GET IT OUT OF YOUR SPACE! You have taken the time to discard what you don’t need so don’t wimp out in the home stretch! You can do it (and maybe make a little extra $$ while you are at it)!

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