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Brigit Reclaimed Her Bathroom!

Brigit had a problem a lot of apartment-livers face: a tiny bathroom. There just wasn’t enough storage for all of her toiletries and it had become a jumbled mess.


First things first. We went through every item in the bathroom deciding what to keep or throwout while grouping like items (lotions, cleansers, nail supplies, hair products, etc). Then we took measurements and headed to Bed Bath & Beyond and The Container Store.


The most important thing was finding a shelf for under the sink that would accommodate drainpipes. Without a custom designed shelving unit it can be tricky. We bought the Two-Tier Expandable Under-the-Sink Shelf from BB&B. It was ideal because it can adjust to multiple pipe placements and is expandable to fit any under the sink area perfectly.

We purchased two mesh baskets. The one on the top shelf (under the sink) contains items that are use almost everyday. The second basket is used for medicine and first-aid items. The rest of the shelves hold basic cleaning supplies and other everyday things.

The garbage can was moved next to the shelving because after the under-the-sink shelf was finished there was a perfect place!

We also bought a magazine holder that hooks on to the toilet tank. This is the perfect place to store frequently used styling items like hairdryers and straighteners.

In small areas an important thing to remember is vertical space. It can be easily overlooked because it often requires adding a shelf or a cabinet but believe me it is worth the extra effort. In Brigit’s bathroom we added two acrylic shelves over the toilet. Clear shelving gives the illusion of space without losing potential storage.

We decided to also buy some baskets (navy grass and wood) for the shelving to help with grouping like items.

ProTip: When buying baskets make sure you keep in mind the depth of your shelf. You don’t want them to hang over the edge, particularity in a small space it can make it feel disorganized and cluttered.

Brigit now has a bathroom space that accommodates all of her needs and looks great!

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