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Grace Reclaimed Her Closet!

When I got to Grace’s Harlem apartment she was already doing a lot of things right. She had mounted a hanging shoe rack on the wall, always a great option, and had a floor shoe rack as well (she likes her shoes!). She had a double hanging closet rod to give her twice as much hanger space, a hanging shelf with removable containers, and extra hooks all along the walls. Go Grace!!


The main thing Grace needed to focus on was purging items that were no longer serving her.

We went through, item by item, deciding what to keep, donate, or throw out. Then we systematically put everything back.

After 1 Raw edited.jpg

Grace had purchased some clear shoe boxes, which are AMAZING because they can be used for so many different things! We used one as a craft box and one to hold belts.

She also bought those really cute canvas striped bins at Marshal’s. These kinds of bins are great because they are light weight and very easy to pull down when needed. We used them for sweaters and gym clothes.

Grace had a leftover plastic container that we put seasonal clothes in and placed out of the way on the top shelf. It is always a good idea to store seasonal clothes to free up extra space in your closet.

On the top self we also put two fans for summer and a small plastic bin for sentimental memorabilia. I think it is a nice idea to have a designated space for keepsakes, just be mindful it doesn’t get out of hand.

Grace likes to keep all of her clothes in the closet rather then have a dresser. Because of this, her hanging shelving unit came in handy and each shelf was assigned a purpose (underwear, socks, pajamas, sweatpants, and scarves). Easy access for frequently used items.

I had an amazing time working with Grace. She was ready and willing to take on this challenge and now she has a wonderfully organized closet to show for it!

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