Ellie Reclaimed Her HOUSE! (Part 2)

(The Bedroom Closet)

Onward and upward. After our success with the basement storage room we decided to tackle my parent’s closet.


Closets can get out of hand so easily and particularly at the end of a season. It was a hodgepodge of summer and winter clothes as well as the simple fact, that again, there was just too much stuff.

We edited and sorted piece by piece. We separated out winter clothes and put them in a different closet (one luxury of a whole house!).

It can be overwhelming to do these two things at the same time which is why I suggest breaking it down into these two sections. The way we accomplished this two tier feat was first to edit, then when we were placing clothes back into the closet we decided what should be put away for winter and what would stay.

We also decided to move my father’s suits to a different closet as well as his long sleeved button downs since he doesn’t use them very often and they were taking up a ton of space.

My father was a little reluctant to take part in the discarding process. We made a compromise and put the clothes we felt he no longer used in a storage container. I don’t really like doing this but if it is the difference between an organized space and chaos, I find it is the lesser of two evils.


I’m very pleased with the final product! What a great way to start the day, getting dressed out of an organized closet.

Up Next: The Upstairs Common Area.

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