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Ellie Reclaimed Her HOUSE! (Part 3)

(The Upstairs Common Area)

My parent’s house is very architecturally interesting. It is a large A-Frame that has tons of light and open spaces. At the top of the stairs on the second floor is a common area with two large, green leather chairs and a portable fireplace. This had become another dumping ground.


It’s amazing how we can get used to anything.


A lot of the items in piles on the floor were from the last minute clean-up of the fist level for the post funeral gathering as well as items taken from the grandmother’s apartment.

Instead of being overwhelmed by the sheer amount of mess we chose a corner and a got to work.

Piece by piece we sorted. Most of the things we decided to keep from this space had homes in other areas of the house.

Many of the toiletries from my grandmother’s were kept for airbnb guests.

We reorganized the bookshelves so one would be my father’s and the other, my mother’s. My father has TONS of books while my mother has a handful. It was great to carve out a place for her smaller collection designating a base for her choice reading.

We put laundry away and went through piles of mail.

This is how it turned out:


What a great sight to find at the top of the stairs!

Next on the list: The Upstairs Bathroom.

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