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Ellie Reclaimed her HOUSE! (Part 4)

(The Upstairs Bathroom)

We decided to spend more time on the spaces she uses the most and found our way to the upstairs bathroom; the main bathroom my parents use.

My mom had put into place some very helpful tools that had kind of fallen by the wayside. She had a rack to give her two levels and several baskets to help divide and categorize but unfortunately it had become another catch-all zone.


With a little bit of sorting, purging, and re-categorizing we turned it into this:


Keeping cleaning supplies next to the areas they are used makes cleaning simpler and a lot more likely :) We put all the cleaning supplies in a basket under the sink.

Extra toothbrushes and toothpaste are in the round jar on the top shelf. All the travel makeup bags have been condensed and put into the largest one (black and white polka dots). Face cleansers are in the white basket, hair supplies are in the metal basket on the right, and lotions are on the left.

Now all her toiletries have a place and are easy to find!

Next up Ellie’s FINAL POST: Her Daughter’s Closet

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