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THREE Closets Reclaimed!

A client of mine recently moved into a new apartment and asked me to help her designate and organize her new closets. The apartment has three main closets; a coat closet by the entry way, a wall closet in the bedroom and a master bedroom walk-in.

Since they had just moved, we didn’t need to donate or discard much but everything had been thrown into the closets without much thought to order.

Wall Closet:


Walk-In Closet:

collage Before 1.jpg

There were some nice organizational tools already in place but our goal was to maximize them to their fullest potential.

We decided to make the wall closet her husbands, the walk-in mainly hers, and the coat closet for coats, offseason shoes, and sporting equipment.

After sorting and measuring we took a trip to The Container Store to find the perfect pieces to help them stay organized.

Wall Closet After:

After Collage.jpg

This closet became her husband’s. We put all his business clothes on the top rod (along with that nifty revolving tie rack!) and his everyday wear on the bottom.

Putting piles of items on high shelves usually get messy pretty fast. We bought four baskets for the top shelf to hold seaters, sweatshirt, and sweatpants. They are easy to pull down and keep everything orderly.

We bought Clear Command Hooks for the inside of the door. I LOVE THESE! because they basically disappear into the wall. We put four up to hang belts, one for his shoe horn, and one on the inside of the closet for his shoe polishing kit.

Pro Tip: To see what clothes you actually wear, turn your hangers around so they are facing out. When you wear an item put it back with the hanger facing in. After 6 month-1 year donate anything on a hanger that is still facing out.

Walk-In Closet After:

collage After 1.jpg
collage After 2.jpg

We definitely weren’t starting from scratch here. This closet came with some really great tools. The double stacked bookcase, sliding drawers, and the shoe rack were all helpful in maximizing space.

The bookcase is great but again open shelves can lead to a mess. We purchased five baskets that added a little color and order. In them we placed: pajamas, t-shirts, and sweaters. (Initially, we wanted to leave some open but decided later it would be best to have a basket for each shelf. Three more baskets need to be purchased.)

The sliding drawers in the back of the closet were used for socks, underwear, workout clothes, bathing suits, tights, etc. Things that need to be accessed frequently.

There was a shoe rack in the closet which we chose to use for seasonal shoes (off season shoes are in the coat closet and will be swapped when the season changes). This client also has some beautiful shoes! Certain shoes are in clear plastic boxes on the top shelf of her closet. This way you can see what is in each box and they are ready for any special occasion.

We also purchased three laundry baskets. One for her clothes, one for his, and one for dry cleaning.

On the highest shelf we put things that didn’t need to be accessed very often. Wedding memorabilia, suitcases, bags etc.

Finally we added two command hooks on the inside of the door for their robes.

**When you first walk in the closet on the far right we purchased four bulletin boards to display jewelry. We didn’t have time to put them up but they will add color and ease to getting ready in the morning.**

Coat Closet After:


This closet came with some installed shelving from Ikea. The best part about it is the shelves are adjustable which makes it a very versatile storage solution. We put their off season shoes on the shelving to the left of the closet along with a basket for umbrellas.

Shoes that are used more frequently are on the lower middle shelf. There used to be two shelves in the middle but we removed one to make room for boots.

On the top shelf we put their sporting equipment along with labeled stackable baskets filled with seasonal items such as gloves, hats, and scarves.

The coats in this closet are seasonal. Off season coats are kept in the other two closets in the back/hard-to-reach places. When colder weather comes it will be simple to make the switch.

I had a great time working on these projects! This client is definitely a lady after my own heart. She even has her own label maker! Hope her new closets serve her well :)

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