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In Between Clothing Sizes?

Wearing a variety of sizes is a place that most women find themselves in at one point or another. What are you supposed to do with all the clothes that don’t fit right now? I say: Only keep items that you love, make you feel beautiful, and FIT! You should be able to pull anything out of your closet and just wear it. Get rid of clothing that are too big or too small.

Keeping clothes that are too big causes you to live in fear, worrying when you are going to gain the weight back. And hell, it feels GREAT to get rid of clothes that are too big! Revel in your accomplishment.

Keeping clothes that are too small is a constant negative reminder and it makes you feel bad. Screw that! Life is hard enough without adding to your stress load.

**If there are a few select pieces that you love and dream of wearing again, box them up and store them to be revisited in one year or less.

DON’T leave them hanging in your closet as a daily shame spiral. That obviously hasn’t motivated you to start losing weight so stop being so mean to yourself.

Use positive motivation. When you do drop that pant size, treat yourself to something you love in clothes that are your new current size.

Live in the present moment. Don’t fear the future or long for skinnier days. You are beautiful. Enjoy where you are TODAY. If you want to work towards somewhere new, more power to you but don’t beat yourself up along the way.

Get clothes that don’t fit you TODAY out of your closet.

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