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Kitchen Reclaimed!

I helped a lovely friend of mine reclaim her kitchen. She lives in a 100 year old house in Brooklyn that is beautiful but a constant project. She has hopes to completely remodel the kitchen in the future but in the mean time she was unhappy with the space she had. She loves to cook so being frustrated with her kitchen was a daily downer.

I am a big believer of being happy with what you have NOW even if it is not your longterm goal. Not to sound too cheesy but, life is a journey, so find ways to enjoy the ride in this moment at whatever part of the road you are on.

Before and After Photos:

collage BA 1.2.jpg
collage BA 3.jpg
collage BA Fridge.jpg
collage Finished.jpg

The main problem with this kitchen was space. It felt cluttered. We decided to find new homes for some of the items typically stored in the kitchen, elsewhere in the house. Reusable grocery bags are now in the entry alcove and rarely used pots and pans are in the basement.

We also chose to find a new place to store the vases above the cabinet and repurposed this area for special needs kitchen appliances. We put the accompanying parts in Kvarnvik boxes from Ikea to keep them from getting dusty and give the shelf a uniformed look.

My friend loves spices but all the racks seemed too big and bulky. She chose to use hanging baskets which allow for easy access and are a lot less cumbersome. She also decided to get a rail and hanging pots to hold utensils. Again making the most of her vertical space.

The shelf by the window adds a lot of storage but the dark baskets blocked out a great deal of light. We decided to mix it up and keep some baskets (that are very functional) as well as add decorative pieces that let in more light.

As you can see from the photos, she gave her kitchen a shiny new paint job that really helped open up the space!

Now she has a kitchen she loves and will enjoy cooking in. This is a space she can be happy with until she gets that dream kitchen.

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