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Jewelry! Who doesn't love it!?

I love jewelry as much as the next girl but my collection had gotten a little out of hand. I stored it all in one over flowing box. It was such a nightmare, I often chose to ware the same things over and over again rather then go on an early morning scavenger hunt.

This was my “jewelry box” before:

Before Box .jpg

I started off with some ruthless purging.

I absolutely had thoughts like, “but what if I need it someday,” “can you actually ever have 'too much' jewelry?” You'll buy another one and YES!

I had to be honest with myself. A lot of this stuff what from high school and frankly I don't dress the same way I used to back then (well maybe I still love my sweats...). Most of it was just getting in the way and covering up the stuff I liked.

I went to Century 21 and bought a bulletin board and hung it in my closet.

After Jewlery +.jpg

And with a few thumbtacks, Voila! Easy Access!

Now the process isn't totally complete because I still keep my nicer jewelry in the box from the first picture. I really would like a proper grownup jewelry box (not too big!), so if you know of any please post in the comments bellow!

I LOVE this new way of displaying my jewelry. Every morning I can easily pick out the best piece for the day.

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