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Pro-Tip! Create a Landing Strip

Landing Strip.jpg

No, not THAT landing strip.

This is your drop zone when you first enter your home. Your entrance way can be the first filter to stop clutter from coming into your home.

'Apartment Therapist' Maxwell Ryan says that all great Landing Strips include 5 key things.

1. Doormat. This is where you can wipe your feet and take off your shoes.

2. Coat Hooks. A place to hang your coat, bike helmet, dog leash, umbrella etc; anything that is used daily on your way out the door.

3. Side Table. This can be small (particularly in a tiny apartment) but should be used as an immediate drop zone for things like: mail, wallet, change, your phone. Basically anything you don’t want to end up on the kitchen table.

4. Waste Basket. To throw out junk mail before it even starts to clutter up your space.

5. Mirror. So you can give yourself that last once over before you face the world.


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