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Sharon Reclaimed her Pantry!

I had a blast working with Sharon Beesley creator of NYC Taught Me and super mom extraordinaire. She recently moved into a new apartment and is currently in the process of figuring out how she wants to organize her space. I was happy to help out :)

When I first start working with a client I like to begin with the spot that is driving them the craziest; their dreaded, anxiety-inducing area. We decided to tackled her kitchen pantry.

By now, you know the drill. We went through the space item by item deciding what to keep, donate, and throw out while grouping like items.

Sharon’s main priorities for the space were: spices, dry goods, and a snack/cereal station for her kids. We also decided to keep the heavy toolbox on the bottom shelf for easy access and to avoid falling objects.

After sorting and measuring, we took a trip to The Container Store to get the right gadgets for her space. Here's how it turned out:

B and A 1.jpg
B and A 2.jpg

3 finished collage .jpg

Sharon is a big believer in helping her children find their independence, so she encourages them to make their own breakfast. We wanted to create a space that facilitated their self-sufficiency in the morning.

We purchased an Undershelf basket to store cereal bowls as well as a few dry food containers for cereal and a really fun cookie jar for oatmeal packets.

With the snack station, we got three Linus Deep Drawer Binz in clear, which fit perfectly and make it easy to see when supplies are running low.

With such a deep shelf it’s easy for things to get lost in the back. Sharon found these great gliding baskets. We initially installed them a shelf up, but quickly discovered it was too high to see in the baskets so we moved them down one.

Sharon has a decent collection of spices. We wanted something that give her easy access while not eating up too much space. We ended up getting the elfa Door and Wall Rack System. To be honest, this wasn’t the easiest thing to put on the door but with a little elbow grease and some Pam we were able to slide the bottom bracket to the center of the door. Installation hiccup aside, I like this rack for several reasons. It doesn’t require putting holes in your door, can easily be taken to your next apartment, it is sturdy, and allows for multiple sizes of baskets that easily clip on.

The space between Sharon’s door and the shelves is pretty narrow so we made sure to only get the elfa Spice Rack Baskets (we also installed the gliding baskets a little farther back on the shelf to maximize space for the hanging baskets).

By the end of our session we created an organized and functional space that helps make morning (and life!) easier. Thanks Sharon for tackling this project with me!

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