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Organizing Inside Peek

I love taking before and after photos but I’m not the greatest of catching the organizing process in the act. I just get so excited and involved in the process I forget to take a moment and grab my camera. My client, Rachel very graciously allowed me to give you a behind the scenes peek while we were organizing papers and her TV console (for Rachel these are related).

Papers are everyone’s least favorite thing to organize. It’s so easy let them pile up and then it becomes such a big job, who wants to deal with them!? It can also be confusing, know what to keep and for how long. I wrote a post on this a while back with a very simple chart. Check it out.

See, it gets always gets worse before it gets better :)

Mid Session Collage .jpg

And tada!

B and A.jpg

Pro-Tip: Don’t pull everything out all at once, you will get totally overwhelmed. Take things out, item by item, decide if you want to keep, donate, or throw it out. Taking the time now will save you a TON of time later. Anything you want to keep, designate piles for like items so they stay together. It will make putting everything back SOOO much easier, plus it helps you know how many and what kind of organizing tools will be most beneficial to you and your things.

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