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Donate Old Cell Phones


I have found a growing obsession with many of my clients is to hold onto old cell phones. I totally understand keeping ONE old phone incase something happens to your current one but I work with people that have five or six phones several generations old.

While the root cause is different for everyone, I think it can be a lot easier to let go of those old devices if you know where to give them and that they can really do some good.

There are so many wonderful charities that will refurbish your old phones and give them to people who really need them. My favorite is Hope Line.

Hope Line is a charity backed by Verizon, that takes old phones, refurbishes them, and gives them to domestic violence victims. It is extremely easy to donate. Either drop off the old phone (and accessories if you have them) at your local Verizon store OR print out a prepaid mailing label HERE and send it to them.

All the info can be found HERE

Your old phone could be someone else’s life line.

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