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Must Read!

I have finally started reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo and I can’t stop.

This morning I woke up and went through all my clothes and found a full garbage bag of items to get rid of. Now one garbage bag might not seem like a lot but I am constantly getting rid of thing (I mean, I’m a personal organizer for a reason) and I was shocked by how many more items I was holding on to then I really needed in my life.

The most helpful take away so far from the book is the question Marie makes her clients ask about each and every item they own: Does it spark joy? Wow. Game changer.

I am not into fashion. If I could afford it, I would love to pay someone to dress me all the time. I hate shopping. I don’t like putting outfits together. I do feel amazing if I have something fabulous to wear but I don’t enjoy the process of finding it. By asking myself this question I realized that most of the clothes I own absolutely do NOT spark joy. They basically keep me from being naked. It made it so clear. They needed to go. Out, out, OUT.

I did have a moment of terror when I realized I was cutting my already tiny wardrobe in half. In the beginning it was easy to ask the question but as I started to see how many items I felt less than thrilled about I had to force myself to hold each piece of clothing and ask the question and honestly respond. The answer was very clear but sometimes I would try and talk myself out of it. “Sure it didn’t spark ‘joy’ persay but it was the only grey skirt I owned…” OUT!

Now my wardrobe is basically non existant (I feel like a contestant on What Not to Wear after the garage can sequence) but I have decided I am going to live with this wardrobe for a few weeks before I go shopping.

I plan on using the question before I buy anything.

I now only want to bring things into my apartment that spark joy. It feels good to be surrounded with that kind of energy.

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