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The #1 Way to Stop Paper Clutter

{photo credit: Apartment Therapy}

It is so easy to allow paper clutter to accumulate on any flat surface in your house! It happens to me all the time, but I have gotten a lot better at stopping it at the source which means I have a whole lot less to contend with.

Here it is, my paper secret...

Keep a small recycling bin just inside or outside of your front door. This will help you get rid of junk mail instantly.

I'm pretty fortunate because in my apartment building there is a recylcing bin right by our mailboxes which I use in the same way. Before I bring ANY mail up to my apartment, I go through it and am sure to toss all junk mail on the spot.

I have canceled all of my magazine subscriptions and choose to read them online instead.

The best way to deal with paper clutter is by eliminating 90% off it right off the bat.

What I do bring into the house is either filed (tax related, health insurance, etc) or taken care of within the day (bills, thank you notes, dates put on the calendar, etc).

If you don't get to it within the week (particularly things that are not time sensitive) it is highly unlikely that you will accomplish them at all so don't stress and just let it go. Do it or don't but don't waste time, space, and energy beating yourself up about it.

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