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I'm Back!

It's been a while since I've posted on the blog because I've been hard at work organizing with some fantastic clients this spring season!

I was home for Passover last month and was able to work with some love ladies from Erie, PA.

My client, Julia wanted her bedroom to be her personal haven. A place to come and relax after the stresses of the day.

But as many people can relate, it had become an afterthought; containing many things that didn't have a home or no longer served her. It felt cramped and chaotic as opposed to the retreat she envisioned.

Julia's Bedroom Before

We've all been there before and once the job gets so big it seems easier to turn a blind eye then to tackle it.

But I love a big job (better before and after pictures haha) and Julia was kind enough to invite me into the space to take a crack at it with her.

We spent most of the time going through everything, item by item, deciding what deserved to be kept in her refuge.

We had a few challenges. First off, this room is on the small side (for Erie, anyway) and secondly, she has a big dresser and a large family chest from her Grandmother that needed to stay. It's hard to see the chest because it is under all those things but don't worry, we excavated it :)

At first the chest seemed like a real pain. Getting rid of it was not an option as it is a family heirloom but it takes up a lot of space. Once we were able to get in it, we realized the chest was not full. We decided to use it for all of Julia's sentimental items (family photos, things from her parents and children, etc). These are items she doesn't need regularly but does not want to throw out.

Julia had also mentioned wanting a little chair to sit in. When I walked in the room I didn't think we would be abel to make that happen. But after some thought, Julia has decided to get a pad made for the top of the chest so it can be used as a bench.

Another change that really opened up the space was moving the dresser. Where it was before created a very cramped walkway between the bed and the dresser. By moving it to the adjacent wall it helped the flow of the room and made it feel much larger.

We also really cut down on extra bedding. As a rule of thumb I suggest having a MAXIMUM of 3 sets of sheets for every bed in constant use and 2 sets of sheets for every guest bed. It is easy to collect more than that. We went through what she had and kept the best full sets (fitted sheet, top sheet and pillow cases). We put them in plastic zip bags and stored them under the bed. The rest were donated.

You can't organize a room without tackling the closet. Julia was ruthless. We were able to get rid of the shoe rack over the door, the white rolling rack as well as 5 bags of clothing. We went through her winter and summer clothes and switched them out for the season.

After a productive day, Julia is ready for summer!

Presque Isle on Lake Erie

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