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In New York this isn't as much of a problem, but most of America has them: Basements.

Ah yes, it's so easy to just chuck things down here and forget about them until you move or the hot water heater breaks.

Sue had already started organizing the basement before she hired me and she had made some amazing progress.

A few years ago their basement had actually flooded, so they decided to create raised platforms out of pallets and cinderblocks incase that happened again (very smart).

We were tackling two corners of her very spacious basement. The pictures make it look like a lot of stuff but most of those boxes were empty!

Don't get me wrong, I love a good box but they take up so much space! If you don't have an on going use for it, throw it out! You do not need to keep the box your TV, or blender, or computer came in!

The point of the box was to get the item safely to you.

Mission accomplished.

Do not save it incase you will move at some unknown future or date or think it will increase the resale value. It won't. It just eats up space and creates clutter.

Ok, rant over.

Check out Sue's AMAZING before and after pics:

Most of the items in the second photo's after shot are Sue's children's things (Yeah I'm talking to you Kate, Tory, Jay, and Jim).

If it's ok with your parents and they have the space, it's fine to have a box or two at your parent's house but be respectful and don't let your clutter become THEIR clutter.

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