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Sometimes the Simplest Solutions are the Best

So this closet has been the bane of my existence! No matter what I did I felt like that bottom shelf NEVER stayed organized no matter how many times I tried to tackle it.

After what felt like the 100th time I decided to reevaluate my strategy. Normally I would just tidy up without relay looking and what had caused the mess. I wanted to know WHY. I realized that the thing that kept taking over the shelf were the towels.

When I would pull one out they would all unfold and get all over the place. Who wants to refold towels when you are going to take a shower?

Once I knew what was causing the mayhem I was able to fix it. Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best. I just took a box and turned it on its side so the towels would stop falling every time I would grab one.

Happy to say, since the box idea this shelf has not been a problem :)

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