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I'm Back! And in Northern Ireland

While I’ve been doing a lot of organizing, I realized I haven’t posted in a LOOOOOOOOONG time.

A lot has been going on for me.

I got married to my wonderful husband, Michael, we left New York City, build a house and now live in Northern Ireland! Yup. 2018 was good to me!

Don’t worry my fellow New Yorkers, even though my home is in NI, I come back several times a year and work with many of my NYC clients.

It took me a bit to get settled in. I had to take my driving test again to get a UK license - that was a humbling experience #expatlife - but now that I have wheels I am ready to hit the road and help Northern Irelanders reclaim their spaces too!

The beautiful thing here is that most people live in houses that have been in their families for generations. But, the past on property generally comes with its own share of passed on belongings, some that no longer serve them.

Even if your house is all your own, we tend to fill the space we have. We’re kind of like goldfish in that sense.

The larger our space, the more things we accumulate to fill it. I’m all for having a cosy home, but each and every item you surround yourself with should be a choice. Create a space that supports YOU not the other way round :)

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